One of the toughest aspects about the end of the year is weight/health-management through the constant temptation of sweets, unhealthy comfort-foods and general over-indulgence.

A lot of people resolve that gaining unwanted weight is “part of the season.” But what if you could enjoy your favorite traditional foods and keep your waist in mind without obsessing about every calorie you intake.

If you don’t want to miss out on the enticing menus that come with festivities we love to indulge in, go into the season with a reasonable mind-set. Give yourself permission to eat the “naughty” food but keep your health in mind as well!

Try this before going anywhere you anticipate having a high level of temptation:

Eat one or two pieces of fruit!

Eating even just one piece of fruit (or raw vegetable) will not fill you up but it will curb your hunger enough to make better choices. You’ll have room for your favorite goodies BUT it will give your body some nutrients, fiber, and slightly less space for cake later. It’s an easy way to help your body work with you to digest and limit the “bad for you” (but delicious) treats.

Keep this idea in mind not only through the holiday season but in general. Having a  healthy smoothie the morning after a dinner party will help your body digest and restore some of the choices made the night before.

Take the opportunity to eat/drink any raw fruits and veggies while you are away from temptations so that when you have the opportunity to eat something naughty, your body won’t be as mad at you.

Of course, keep in mind that the snacks and meals you are about to eat are not your last chance to have those goodies.

Be good to yourself. You deserve it.