About Chemda

About Coach ChemdaMy life is nothing like how I imagined it would be and I love it.I am a podcaster, author, entrepreneur, and life coach. If I thought of pursuing just one of those career paths a decade or two ago, it would have overwhelmed me and I wouldn’t have believed it could be possible.

The scary aspect about working towards a goal is that it often seems so far distant at the start of the pursuit that the thought of it tends to cause a paralyzing effect and prevent forward motion.

In taking many unconventional paths in my life, I have learned the importance of flexibility, task management, and creating a “next step” when there doesn’t seem to be one in sight.

Using the tools that I’ve learned and used along the way, I’ve helped people become unstuck, motivated, and awaken to their true lives. I would love to help you find your way to a happier and more fulfilled life.
Let’s find your path!